Friday, July 30, 2010

These Are Their Stories (Kung-kung!)

Artist and pop-culture observer Brandon Bird recently hosted an art show entitled "These Are Their Stories". He invited artists from a variety of mediums to create original artwork based on the one-line Direct TV summary of a Law & Order episode, such as "McCoy Attempts to Convict Two Bounty Hunters", or "Autopsy Reveals Foul Play." While oddly themed, the show is a natural progression from Bird's previous works, such as his infamous "Law & Order Coloring Book"

The needlepoint above, "Briscoe and Green Search for Lost Customer" by Ellen Schinderman, is a standout, but some of my favourite webcomics artists are also represented, such as Wondermark's David Malki, and Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja.

Here is a link to all the works from These Are Their Stories; they are definitely worth checking out, as are Bird's other works, such as "No One Wants to Play Sega with Harrison Ford."

Speaking of webcomics, if you have any appreciation for the absurd, I cannot recommend highly enough that you check out the current team-up between Dr. McNinja and cult webcomic hero Axe Cop. While Dr. McNinja is a brilliantly random and well-illustrated webcomic which reminds me a lot of Mike Baron's The Badger, Axe Cop is a comic written by a 6 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother, and it combines whimsy, immediacy and nihilism in the way only a 6 year old can. I swear, this kid could teach David Mamet a thing or two about moving a story along.

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