Saturday, May 7, 2011

Valhallan Infantry: Stormtrooper Squad

At long last, the final unit of infantry are finished: a squad of elite Stormtroopers.  Raised in the halls of the Schola Progenium, the orphanage schools for those whose parents have died in the service of the Imperium, they are loyal, tough, highly skilled, and well equipped.

They are shielded by carapace armour and armed with hotshot lasguns (nicknamed 'hellguns') which are capable of breaching even Space Marine power armour.  They are flexible in deployment, and can start out behind enemy lines, surprise the foe by appearing on their flanks, or use grav-chutes to drop in just about anywhere on the table.  The good armour save and hellguns make them a good choice for taking and holding objectives, and the meltagun and grenade launcher means I can task them for some anti-armour work as well.

I wish I hadn't been so tired when I attempted to put danger stripes on the krak grenades on their backpacks, but I think the idea will still be clear, even if the lines aren't straight.  I'm not at all sure what is in those enormous backpacks, but I'm pretty confident it isn't a hot lunch.

This is another choice that started out as a theme inclusion; the bulky bad-assedness of them is reminiscent of modern Russian paratroops.  When the new hellgun rules made them capable of taking down Space Marines, they went from maybe to must-have.

Most importantly, after more than seven months of painting and building, the last unit is done!

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