Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Little I Did

Upon awakening this morning I discovered I was having trouble swallowing and I could feel every corner of my sinuses. Clearly, I had failed my last saving throw versus cold, and whether the initiator was someone from work or my own family was immaterial.

After a quick shower, I felt a little more sapient, and decided I would be better off joining the family at church than returning to bed, although this decision was only reached after a hung jury and third party arbitration. Church was enjoyable, but afterwards we needed to sort out lunch and dinner.

I try to do the cooking on the weekend since Audrey takes care of almost all meals during the week, which meant two things: simplicity and comfort food. Thankfully the groceries I had picked up only the day before accommodated this remarkably well.

I made a pot of potato soup with sausage and cheese for lunch, and it was delicious. Unfortunately I made the mistake of looking at the nutrition label and discovering it was not only awash in sodium, but also contained trans-fats, so we shan't be having that brand again. Sigh.

After the dishes were cleared away, I shredded up some cheese, boiled some noodles and sauced up some macaroni and cheese in the crock pot. After adding an appropriate number of mozzarella-filled cocktail smokies (don't judge me, I'm sick; I told you, comfort food) I was free to spend the rest of the afternoon reading vintage comics on the iPad.

Which I did.

Revisiting the medium of my childhood, ads and all, was a great way to spend a crisp afternoon indoors nursing a cold. Remembering how I waited at the Smoke Shop on 50th street in Leduc for the latest issue of Rom: Spaceknight, or Daredevil, or the Teen Titans. Even the familiarity of the ads was a treat.

Having an opportunity to check out the kung fu and horror comics of the seventies that had intimidated me as a child was very interesting. I had no idea that Chris Claremont, longtime X-Men writer, also wrote quite a few stories about martial arts superhero Iron Fist, many of them drawn by Canadian legend John Byrne.

The macaroni and cheese turned out pretty well too, but its best feature was that once it was in the crock pot, the best thing I could do was escape into a four-colour nostalgia cocoon until it was done.

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  1. right on ROM is a favorite of mine too: