Thursday, March 29, 2012

'Tooned In

A little over a year ago, we attended a friend's wedding in Calgary where he and the bride invited all the guests to have their caricatures done to commemorate the occasion.  I thought this was a really novel idea, and also would far rather see myself immortalized as a cartoon than as a photograph anyways, so all four of us got in line.  When Audrey and I saw the finished result, all I could think was, "There's been some mistake; this is a picture of my wife and my father..."

The girls' caricature turned out really well too, but even a mere year later, they already look older now.
The artist, Tom Milutinovic, banged these out in less than ten minutes apiece, which, to someone who needs a ruler and protractor to fashion a convincing stick man, is astonishing.  While he drew the girls, he chatted them up about school and shows that they liked, and when it was our turn, he and I talked about comic artists we both liked, including the legendary John Silvestri.

The end result is a great keepsake and a reminder of a wonderful evening.  Thanks Roger and Peggy!

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