Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well Seated

I have always liked, though never owned, the wooden deck chairs known as Muskoka chairs in Canada or Adirondack chairs in the U.S.. Partially it is their sturdiness I find admirable, but the way they are canted makes reclining critical to one's comfort, and as a result, they are best suited for decks and patios and the like.

We visited friends of ours in Red Deer last weekend, and they have recently added a Muskoka chair to their living room. It was a Father's day gift, and since Dad is a pretty woodsy fellow who originally hails from back east, it is singularly appropriate for that reason alone. This particular chair, however, was decorated by a local painter named Sasha Grinell, entitled "Relaxing Fall", and donated for a silent auction fundraiser, which Dave's wife managed to win.

I am not usually the type of guy to get jealous of other people's furniture, but I think this is just a fantastic piece of practical artistry. I love the contrast of the fall colors and the monochromatic birch trees. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but it certainly illustrates how an ordinary assortment of wood designed to keep ones behind off the damp ground can be transformed into something remarkable.


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