Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Beer 15: Core Kurbiskernbier

Well, back to the dark beers again! The back label describes this as a stout, but also lists amongst its ingredients "specially selected pumpkin seeds from the STYRIA" , which it turns out is a state in the southeast of Austria. I was not altogether sure what to expect; well, other than a bit of pumpkin seed flavour, that is.

It pours as a deep, chocolatey brown, with a small head that dissipates all too quickly. First impression is that it is just a touch on the sweet side, but with representation from some of my favourite porter notes: roast coffee, bitter chocolate, and maybe even a hint of molasses or toffee. It doesn't have a pronounced pumpkin flavour, unlike some of the other pumpkin ales I've had, but this has a nuttiness at the base of the finish that distinguishes it from many other stouts I've sampled.

This Austrian pumpkin seed beer is a real treat, and I would happily sample it again.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one. Did you notice the pumpkin seed on the label?