Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Beer 9: Frastanzer S'honig

Of all the beers in the advent calendar this far, this Austrian brew is the first one I wouldn't have a second bottle of if given the chance, and not because I didn't like it. Other beers may require some sort of prequisite (like a very hot day) or an accompaniment (a warm, German-style pretzel), but the two best ways to enjoy S'honig in my estimation is either as dessert or breakfast.


I was pondering the golden haziness of the beer after pouring; the label gave no indication of it being a wheat beer or Hefeweizen, even though there was a slight citrus or floral affect to the aroma. The bee on the label tipped me off: it was a honey beer. The word 'honig' would also be a dead giveaway if you spoke the language, or were even halfway intuitive, I suppose.

I am a big fan of Tin Whistle's Killer Bee dark honey ale, but where that one is rich and a little sweet, this S'honig is sweet and a little rich. In one of those rare situations that mandates a beer before the sun crosses the yardarm (out at the cabin, Gaming & Guiness, end of an all-nightwear, etc) this beer joins a select few that includes Edmonton's own Sap Vampire Maple Lager (from Amber's Brewing) and Rogue Brewing's Voodoo Donut Maple Bacon Ale. (Yes, seriously. Don't judge me!)

S'honig tastes almost more like a beer cocktail than a beer proper, which is no bad thing if that's your fancy. It sits somewhere between a sweet ale and a mead, with gentle carbonation, complex aromas, and a daunting array of flavours. Definitely not for everyone!

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