Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear God

(No, this isn't the XTC song of the same name, though it could well enough be...)

I just finished watching the 1990 Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan vehicle Joe Versus The Volcano with two of my best mates.  You know Lord, that I've used this movie as a shorthand to find those of similar spirit, even among those of differing beliefs (or none at all) for many a year now.  And the prayer that Joe utters is one that could well have come from me own lips:

Dear God
Whose Name I Do Not Know  
Thank You for My Life
I Forgot How Big..

It's my birthday today, and I have no right or claim to the good things in my life:
A loving, lovely wife,
Two brilliant affectionate daughters who think the world of me
A group of Friends the envy of anyone with any sense
A great family of birth and by choice
It's been a long ways Lord, on a crooked road, to get me to the point where I'm aware of just how lucky and blessed I am, and just how much work might be required to maintain it, and I think I'm prepared; I am ready for the long haul.  Protect us  from ourselves and the Duck of Death.  Please continue to help me, and thank you; I will endeavour not to forget how big you really are...

In gratitude, always,


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