Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Journey to the Edge: The Tundra Inn

The Tundra Inn is the Churchill hotel owned by my cousin Parker and his wife. Even if it wasn't owned by relations, I would love this place.

In remote tourism destinations like this, you tend to run into two types of tourists: the well-off that enjoy slumming in under-serviced regions, distinguished by their high quality yet inappropriate footwear, and your seasoned adventure tourists with their Mountain Equipment Co-Op jackets and who drink out of a camelbak on the16 hour train ride out of Thompson. I like to think we sort of split the difference, what with two of us wearing waterproof hikers, even if the other two are wearing canvas gorram sneakers. We all brought proper rain gear, even if Fenya's wasn't as H2O repellent as we would have liked, so she borrowed Belinda's MEC jacket, but we aren't opposed to getting our feet wet or hands dirty.

The Tundra Inn is kind of like that. It's rustic but well appointed, simple but comfortable; a wonderful mix of heritage and modern conveniences. The main floor lounge has paintings, artifacts (like the rocket tube from the Churchill rocket range), local photographs, but also a computer with internet access for guests.
There is also a showcase with local crafts, including beaded moccasins made by Belinda herself. The sealskin mitts reminded Mum of a pair she used to have, but these cost $350, but seem totally worth it, both in terms of workmanship and warmth.
The halls themselves are decorated with great examples of native style art.

There is a Tundra Pub and dining room across the street (which we are going to tonight) and they also run a Hostel. If you should ever find yourselves in this part of the world, do yourself a favour and stay with Parker and Belinda; they've looked after us remarkably well thus far!

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