Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Advent Beer 18: Cameron's Cream Ale

Our second beer from this Ontario brewery is a cream ale; I've enjoyed the Sleeman's version of this style a few times, but not enough to call myself a fan.


It pours an elegant gold with just enough carbonation to raise an ephemeral bit of head, and smells of growing things, grass and wheat, with a slight aroma of fruit and maybe vanilla. It is smooth tasting, if a little thin in the mouthfeel, with a somewhat bitter finish that only improves its drinkability and refreshes the entire enterprise.


All in all, a very respectable beer which does nothing to really distinguish itself enough that I might seek it out again. I wouldn't mind trying it on tap sometime if the opportunity presented itself though.


You may by chance have spied

Our second magi's ride

And see him here abide

(As he is not allowed inside)

Though his treatment may seem curt

The camel's feelings are not hurt

To stand near in cooling dirt

Suits well a ship of the desert


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