Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Advent Beer 19: Rhode Island Blueberry Beer

I, for one, have no problem at all with fruit beers, be they lambics, wheat ales, stouts or lagers. Blueberries are a great choice for addition to an ale because they have more nose than flavour, and are not as sweet as many other berries.


RI Blueberry pours a clear gold, with a small amount of head, and the aroma of blueberries is powerful, but it doesn't overwhelm the hoppy maltiness you expect from, well, a beer. A rich, full, mouthfeel with not too much bitterness, and a strong blueberry flavour that doesn't make you hunt for it in the aftertaste. A very well balanced beer that is just a shade too sweet to be a session ale, but would be good for a lot of other purposes, such as an after-dinner treat. Highly recommended!


The second angel showed up in the City of David today, presumably doubling the hallelujah output for that region. It's amusing to me how beatifically angels are often portrayed, especially in nativity scenes like this one. It's hard to imagine this winged singer from Abba chasing Adam and Eve from The Garden with a flaming sword while wearing Laura Ingall's pyjamas.


As God's intercessionaries, angels have a diverse range of duties, ranging from the slaying of the firstborn back in Egypt, to essentially serving as Jesus' valets after his resurrection. Some type of hierarchical arrangement is assumed, and others have imagined orders, species and all manner or explanation for the variations in cherubim, seraphim and the like.


Still, if the same actor can play Magneto and Gandalf, maybe it's just a matter of costume and deportment?


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