Monday, May 19, 2014

G&G IX: Preparing for Departure

The movie tickets (for X-Men: Days of Future Past) were purchased a few weeks ago, the plane tickets to Ottawa a few months back. The games were discussed months ago, and the attendees arranged 9 years back, or decades earlier, in some respects.

And despite all this, and the myriad reminders we have given each other, and the singular significance of this Gaming & Guinness weekend, I find myself scrambling to meet Wednesday's departure.

With this year's event being hosted in Ottawa by our brother Rob, we have given ourself pompous designations, like his Guinnesster of Hospitality and my own pretentious Prime Guinnesster. Brother Scott is our Guinnesster of Transportation and is thusly in charge of the logistical needs involved in moving half a dozen starships, several Roman chariots, dozens of horses, tens of Eldar from the 41st Millennium and their foes from the XXII Vallhallan Ice Warriors Regiment, to the nation's capital, in as intact a condition as possible.

Scott was chosen for this task not only because of his engineering background and responsible nature, and not just for the able assistance of his son William, but also due to the tremendous Battlefoam carrying case he happens to own.

The majority of my 1500 point army disappears into his voluminous container with nary a ripple; in fact, the carrying capacity of each pocket is so immense, I am seriously worried about my ability of finding the detachable snubber from the turret of my signature Leman Russ tank, Cold Comfort. Nearly sixty infantry in this one tray and there is still enough space to carry another three full squads!

Thankfully I have every confidence in the Guinnesster of Transportation to get our models to Bytown with a minimal amount of repair at either end. And in our ability to patch together with superglue and cyanoacrylatic accelerator* any structural shortcomings that might transpire despite our efforts to the contrary.

Now I just need to sort out how I am going to get the rest of the games there, as well as some clean clothes and a toothbrush...

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