Friday, October 31, 2014

Piñata & Princess

Hallowe'en costumes provide a great opportunity to re-purpose old things in a new and creative way. This is how I turned an old GW work shirt, a belt buckle, a military style hat and an assortment of patches into a relatively passable Imperial Commissar costume for work today.

The girls did even better, though, and with almost no help from Audrey and I.

Fenya made herself into an elegant Irish princess using some vintage costume jewelry and the bridesmaid's dress her Auntie Vera wore for our wedding, lo those many years ago. She borrowed Glory's wig from dance to complete the ensemble and ended up with a very decent look overall.

Fenya' choir director has known Auntie Vera since high school, and was pretty amused to see Her bridesmaid dress in circulation two decades later. She even made Fenya stand on a pew and give a twirl for the other choristers.

As nice as it turned out, though, I liked Glory's costume even better. She attached strips of crepe paper to a dress from Value Village with a hot glue gun, then painstakingly cut the lower half of each strip into fringes with a pair of scissors. When that was done, she added the arm elements and a party hat, and just like that: piñata!

The black eye is supposed to show where a kid tried getting the candy out.

I have a lot of fond memories of childhood costumes, but I don't think any of them turned out as well as these!

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