Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Leprechaun Trap

Sunday night, for reasons known only to her, Glory built a Leprechaun trap.

Based loosely on the classic Burmese Tiger Trap of cartoon lore, but sans spikes, obviously; a dead or maimed leprechaun is not likely to take you to his tore of gold.  Her assumption was that surely not even one of the Wee Folk could cross a span covered by naught other than a single thickness of green tissue paper.

Regardless of motivation, it's always good to see people getting into the spirit of the Lesser Holidays. Fenya tells me that today at school hardly anyone dressed in green, and very few mentions were made of either the Saint, or his Day, or the Island Nation he is the Patron of. A bit sad, I have to say.

Our household, on the other hand, enjoyed a delicious St. Patrick's Day dinner at the church Sunday night, and were joined by Audrey's sister Betty and two of the cousins, Mark and Kara-Lynn,  Part of the impetus for attending was to sort out a suit for Mark for his grad which is approaching, but also to give a little equal exposure to Glory's Irish dancing since Betty and Kara-Lynn had previously come up from Rocky Mountain House to see Fenya in The Magic Flute.

Thus, arrayed in various types of silly headgear and viridian hues, we drove up to St. Albert for a great meal in good company, and someone even had the good sense to smuggle in a flask of Irish Mist as a means of enhancing the after dinner coffee.

But it was never proven who.

Kara-Lynn even had the good fortune to win the doorprize and take home a shamrock and some other goodies.

The dancing was my favourite part though, and Scoil Rince Mahoney brought dancers of all ages.  Glory got to do two, the first of which was a soft shoe team dance:

While the second was a hard shoe reel and was a chance for some of the younger performers to join the older girls:

All in all, a wonderful evening!

Sadly, this morning, the cunning leprechauns mocked Glory's trap by way of an unsuspecting but similarly colored third party.

Alas, no gold was to be had, but a grand St. Patrick's Day nonetheless.

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