Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jewel of Edmonton

We have had an additional resident in our garage for the past few months: a decent sized weaving spider of a type called the Edmonton Jewel.


Like most people, I find spiders fairly off putting. Too many legs, too many eyes, unsettling eating habits, etc. But knowing that they eat a lot of the insects I really detest like mosquitoes and occasionally wasps, I try to cut them a little slack when I can. Plus, you know, all that residual sadness from Charlotte's Web.


This one's abdomen is probably about the size of my thumbnail, and it has made a fairly substantial web structure around the garage window. It has somehow managed to avoid leaving any lines that impede my getting into the Flex in the morning, despite a proximity that sees me cringe when I remember it, usually at the last moment.


As the weather cools, I see our guest less and less, but as I pulled into the garage tonight after gassing up the car, there he was, pulling and organizing his (her?) lines by whatever arachnid orthogany their instinct dictates. So much work put into something that a strong gust of wind or an errant car door could almost completely demolish, and I don't believe spiders hibernate at any rate.


Still, I'm content to let the spider go about its business as I go about mine; winter will be here soon enough.



  1. Good for you. Spiders are extremely cool beasts. While I relocate them from inside the house, I leave them alone in the shop and outside

  2. I had no idea they were called Edmonton Jewel spiders! We seem to have them at every window and door this year. I have learned to respect them and not be creeped out by them. As long as the spider doesn't get in my face, it's all good!

  3. For me, it's when they show up unexpectedly in the shower; sorry man, you crossed a line (swoosh).

  4. Yeah, these are usually common at my place too. Big, fast and a bit scary...but this year I have not seen many and miss them setting up shop inside the compost bin (outside). We had tons more fruit flies as a result.
    Thanks for your help at Toastmasters and glad to find you!