Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 Advent Beer 10: Sleigh Booster

In many ways, the holidays are the worst time to commit to drinking and writing about one different beer every day. For instance, tonight after dinner Glory and I dropped Fenya off at Vic for her band concert, killed a little time at Happy Harbor (picked up Archie #4), went back to Vic, picked her up, went to Kingsway, grabbed a cell phone for Glory, selected a new kitchen calendar, raced home and set up the new phone.


Once all that was done, it was nearly 10:00 and at long last, time to sample today's offering: Sleigh Booster Imperial Red Ale, from Bridge Brewing in North Vancouver. I was immediately struck by the appropriately themed label, but this whimsy was quickly overwhelmed by the discovery that yet another high-test beer had entered the rotation at 9% ABV.


I ended up with a much darker glass than I expected, of delightful coppery red goodness, accompanied by a relatively robust khaki head. Not much to the nose, in all honesty, but hints of nuttiness and a bit of astringency.


The real problem is that Sleigh Booster was the first liquid to enter my mouth since supper, so the one thing I can say without fear of contradiction is that it is a smooth-drinking beer that goes down a treat. It is tantalizingly smooth for such a big beer, with no residual hotness and only a little additional sweetness. This latter aspect complements the inherent nuttiness and makes for a I lightbulb winter tipple. Highly recommended, especially for those possessed of a powerful thirst.



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