Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Advent Beer 17: Black Alligator

From Budapest comes a Belgian style saison flavoured with West African pepper...y'know what, I don't get it either, but let's judge the beer by its taste, shall we?

Another darkety dark beer, as befits both the name and its appellation of 'black saison', topped by a modest head of beige foam which quickly dissipates. The nose is malty with hints of burnt chicory or coffee and a bit of yeast. There is some piney tartness as well.

A bit sour on the palate too, but flavourful, with the malt-forward taste followed by coffee and juniper notes. The alligator pepper itself (also known as mbongo spice) is fairly subtle, a residual spiciness lingering on the tongue after a tingly finish. A bit more astringent than the porter from two days ago, but an intriguing beer.

Monyo Brewing's label (according to Google Translate) says:
The MONY Brewing Co. presents a Black Alligator, the ruthless predator. The beer is based on a traditional saison, a spicy character of the three kinds of yeast by the Alligator Juniper Pepper and makes it unique. The latter is a Special West African pepper species that simultaneously gives slightly spicy and citrus flavors in beer. Aszíne dark as the alligator her skin, but the classic roasted malt ízjegyeket ignored. Note that sticks in the throat!

I can't help but think Black Alligator would be a good complement to spicy foods, a nice (and multicultural) beer for Heritage Days, but at 9% abv, it would be a poor choice to extinguish gastronomic fires!

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