Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 11: De Molen's Dasher & Dancer

Dutch Brewers De Molen are frequent contributors to the Craft Beer Advent Calendar - unless I miss my count, Dasher & Dancer will be their 5th appearance.

Their labels aren't particularly captivating, but as someone who may or may not have an allergy to one or more specific types of hops, I appreciate the detail with which they list their ingredients.

The label also attempts to identify what style of beer is contained within, and Dasher & Dancer is characterized as "Red Ale - ish". With dry hops listed as an ingredient though, the prudent drinker should be prepared for something more along the lines of an American Amber than, say, an Irish Red Ale.

Said hops make a floral, almost pungent appearance immediately after opening, but but one really notices upon decanting is the aggressive and persistent head-building. Despite angling along the side of the glass, I had to abort the pour at about the 40% mark and slurp furiously at the foam in order to prevent a containment issue (plus, spilled beer is alcohol abuse).

Even after letting the glass settle for a bit, emptying the remainder proved to be a two-stage process, and it still left a full, textured head that would not have appeared out of place in a root beer float.

Once able to get some sips in, the charms of the style become apparent. The dry hops are sharp and biting, but the maltiness still carries through. Traces of lemon follow up in the finish, but there is an almost grainy texture to the mouthfeel - not unpleasant, but unexpected. Honestly, Dasher & Dancer has an earthy tang that reminds me of a roggenbier made with rye as much as any red ale, but it is still a crisp and tasty brew. Score one more for De Molen!

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