Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 20: Loncium's Gingerbread Man

I suppose we owe the linkage between the winter holidays and ginger to the ubiquitous gingerbread house, but those big soft ginger cookies are my preferred method of ingestion. Perhaps this Gingerbread Man beer from Privatbrauerei Loncium in Austria.

It's a deep dark reddish-brown, with aromas of ginger but also coffee and something else - cloves maybe? There's some sweetness too, perhaps partially due to the 6.3% ABV.

There is ginger up front, as promised, followed by coffee bitterness, that clovishness again and some nuittiness as well. Not a great beer for meal pairing, but as a liquid dessert or an evening beer shared with a visitor, it is decidedly distinct and quite decent! This Gingerbread Man is well worth catching.

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