Sunday, December 24, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 24: Pōhjala’s Jōuluöö

Safely ensconced once more at home, but having just finished opening presents, I am now unwilling to leave the recliner, hence another iPad-driven phone-driven copied-and-pasted-on-the-darned-PC post.

Today’s unpronounceable beer comes all the way from Estonia, and is a chocolate-vanilla oak-aged Porter, weighing in at a respectable 8% ABV. Decanted into a stout glass, there is the ubiquitous coffee aroma but also hits of chocolate. A solid, dark, sweet, strong beer would be a great way for this year's calendar to stick the landing, but if nothing else, at least the label is pretty. Pōhjala's entry last year was awfully good, and this one is almost tailor-made for my palate, so my hopes are actually getting a little high here...

Once released into its natural environment (i.e. my mouth) the coffee taste is quickly pushed aside by the cocoa flavour and a surprisingly distinct vanilla component. Jōuluöö's mouthfeel is smooth and robust, resulting in a beer that is the perfect capper to another great advent calendar! Now to figure out how to pronounce it so I can ask store staff if they have it...

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