Monday, December 4, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 4: Evil Twin Brewing's The Quads Are Not What They Seem

Dear Craft Beer Advent Calendar:
I am a big fan of your product and have enjoyed it every year for the past six. Thank you so much for improving the packaging and abandoning cans in favour of bottles. Since you have access to the December calendar every time you make one though, could you possibly see your way fit to keeping the high-test beers (8-11%) more aligned with the weekends? On Friday night I had a 5.1% beer, but on the first school night in December you throw a 10% Belgian quadrupel at me? That seems a tad unsporting to me.
Thank you for your consideration and for a stellar assortment of new beers every year!

Now that the correspondence is out of the way, let's talk about tonight's offering: The Quads Are Not What They Seem, from Evil Twin Brewing. Evil Twin is a 'gypsy brewer' from Denmark who crafts his beers in other people's breweries, often in the U.S., under contract.

The strength of the beer should come as nor surprise, as 90% of Evil Twin's brews clock in at 10% ABV or greater, and besides, a high alcohol content is typical of this Belgian style.

I started this beer with a slice of pizza during a slightly rushed supper (Monday nights are often a bit mad around here with Glory's photography class running until 7:00, at which time I bring her dinner to her an she its it in the car on her way to dance; what a trooper!), but was able to savour the second half afterwards in more favourable conditions. Which is to say, in an abbey-style glass, ensconced in a recliner, in a quiet house, and with the dog on my lap. Darn near ideal, in many respects.

At 10% we are heading into barleywine territory, beers meant to be lingered over, like brandy. There is a brandy-like quality to the aroma and taste of TQANWTS, There are also strong caramel notes, at least to me, and elements of spiciness and biscuit.

Of course, being a big Twin Peaks fan, I can't help but appreciate the name, even as it reminds me that I am overdue to watch the third season, released this year after a two decade hiatus...

A holiday treat for the nose, palate and eye, pouring a deep, dark reddish amber which seems to enhance the richness of the beverage. A worthy addition to the calendar, as all Evil Twin offerings have been, even on a school night.

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