Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 8: Clown Shoes' Advent Party Crasher

Today's offering is a well-timed American Imperial Stout. Now, Imperial Stouts are my favourite style overall, although they are typically Russian. Like most styles with American in the name, the primary differentiator is the addition of hops. And at the end of a particularly trying week, the 10% ABV is a real mood lifter.

Advent Party Crasher pours a deliriously opaque chocolate brown that borders on black - no light can penetrate it. A finger of caramel-coloured head tops the presentation, and notes of chocolate and coffee waft up from it.

The coffee and chocolate come through in the taste as well, and there is a degree of crispness from the hops, but it is balanced out by the high alcohol sweetness. It is delightfully smooth, and there is a hint of smokiness in the finish. Solid stuff!

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