Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Irony Card

So, in preparation for Audrey's upcoming 80s-themed 40th Birthday party, she has been hanging around Value Village a fair bit. While I was there with her one time, I saw a bunch of vintage Trivial Pursuit sets, and seeing as it was a game from the 80s, I suggested she pick one up on a return visit.

She chose the Baby Boomer edition, unfortunately, which kind of throws off the period groove we were looking for. In going through the cards though, I came across this gem in the "RPM" (music) category:

Who split as Glenn Frey noted: "I don't want to be 39 years old with a beerbelly singing Take It Easy because I need the money"?

Wow, knowing what we do now, how the heck do you follow that up?

a) Well, it couldn't possibly be The Eagles because that would make him a frickin' hypocrite!
b) I guess singing it at 55 is okay unless you're Sammy Hagar, huh?
c) Nobody else wanted it either, Glenn.

As much respect as I have for the man, sometimes I think Mojo Nixon was right to sing Don Henley Must Die...

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