Thursday, June 4, 2009

Google Yourself

Years ago I googled myself (ssh! don't tell mom!), and found there was a neurosurgeon or some other medically inclined individual who shared my name somewhere in Southern California. It didn't mean a lot to me, but I was glad there wasn't a serial killer or Klan official I might get mistaken for in my travels. I mean, it should make no difference, as it is not like I have an uncommon name or am even vaguely famous, or even infamous. It is probably just more evidence that I concern myself far too much with what other people think of me (and my name).

I googled myself today though, and discovered that the lead guitarist for waif-rock band Veruca Salt is also named Stephen Fitzpatrick, which is 4-5 shades of awesome, because I rather like Veruca Salt. Now, he joined the band in 1998, so he wasn't crunching out chords on the first run of Seether, my favourite VS song, but he probably does so now, and for some reason, that makes me feel pretty good.

To that end, and for your listening pleasure, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Adolescent is proud to present Seether, by Veruca Salt. (Updated with working video!)

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  1. We followers should stand and be counted on this one and I may as well go first. My googleganger is nothing near as cool as the lead guitarist in Veruca Salt. Mine is a trial lawyer in Pennsylvania.