Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Day

Hottish and stickyesque summerlike day
Bodes me to hang up my hammock and sway
The lawn being mowed and the dog having run
My nape starts to dry twixt the breeze and the sun
With duties complete I'm inclined to recline
While the pendulum swing of my hammock keeps time
About an hour away I see other jobs beckon
Which leaves enough time for some reading I reckon
Earbuds secure with a payload of music
Masks out the road and the engines that use it
A hum makes me wonder if an aircraft I've heard
But it's only a bumblebee as large as a bird
And although I still long for my family's return
I've layed here some time with no cries of 'My turn!'
A bright bolt of sunlight through clouds finds a gap
Which compels me to snug down the bill of my cap
Sol's rays through the branches are deliciously warm
And all that I need is in reach of my arm
The spiciest chip and the hoppiest beer
A paperback book and perfection is near

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