Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yuletide Felicitations

We had an idea for our Christmas photo this year that didn't pan out, so we did this instead; it clearly falls somewhere in the no-man's land between sincere and ironic, which, in many ways, sums us up pretty well...

Given the sudden onset of holiday insanity syndrome, I shouldn't be surprised that I nearly forgot to make an update this week.  At any rate, Christmas Day seemed an opportune time to show the extreme to which my lovely wife takes her Christmas decorating.

This brief video was shot after the stockings and gifts were all opened, so it is a bit more chaotic looking than usual, but even this short tour of the living room reveals two or three of our five Christmas trees, most of the holiday candles and assorted other decorations.

I should explain that this is not a complaint, I just find it amusing and ironic that my wife can josh me about my nerdly obsessions while demonstrating such devotion to holiday accoutrements; I have sometimes referred to her spiritual denomination as "Christmastian".

It's been a lovely Christmas so far; my sister, her boyfriend and his son joined us for Christmas Eve and our church's pageant.  After church we exchanged gifts and played a rousing game of "Scabs & Guts", a 'meducational' trivia game.  This morning we opened our stockings, and our guests headed out for the rest of their visits.

My sister-in-law and her three children arrived shortly after that, and once everyone had a latte in their had, we exchanged another set of gifts.  My favourite came from my nephew Mark; if you are only going to have one beer before dinner, this is clearly the way to go. 

And Fenya made my cool new Batman pyjama pants in her sewing classes; how cool is that?

Hoping you are all enjoying a festive holiday and merriest of Christmases!

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