Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night 2012

Over two dozen friends and relations came over to watch the 84th Oscar telecast with us tonight. It's pretty late, but I had a few thoughts to share before crashing:

  • It is a wonderful privilege to know so many people who love the movies and parties, or else the Oscars would be just one more lengthy broadcast. Or, as 9 time host Billy Crystal put it, "nothing underscores our recent economic turmoil like a billion people watching millionaires giving gold trophies to one another."
  • I enjoyed The Artist and don't begrudge its win, but I still think a Best Picture should have more going for it than charm and nostalgia.
  • The Cirque du Soleil routine was breathtaking; why didn't they use that to highlight some of this year's music nominees?
  • Terence Malick's Tree of Life was far too inaccessible and challenging a movie to win Best Picture, but I wish it had won for cinematography, because It is almost painfully gorgeous and completely naturally lit.
  • Christopher Plummer's speech was probably my favorite, mixing sentimentality and cynicism in equal measure; he expresses tremendous gratitude and respect for the other nominees, the says, "I would share this with them if I had any decency...but I don't..."
  • I only had to take three shots for this year's March of the Dead, a personal best.
  • It was great to have Billy Crystal hosting again, but his 'audience mind reading' shtick seemed much funnier last time, with Michael Clarke Duncan 'thinking' "I see white people," and Dame Judi Dench's " my thong is killing me."
  • I'm looking forward to many great things from Best Actor Jean Dujardin, who brings almost as much old school Hollywood style to the party as George Clooney.
  • Meryl Streep's first win since 1982 (and 14 nominations!) was good to see, and her speech was excellent (very few people had only the laundry list of thank yous this year), but my favorite film of hers will probably always be Death Becomes Her...
  • It didn't win any of the 'big' awards, but I hope Hugo's wins get it some more box office; we can use more movies like this!
  • Congratulations to James for winning the prediction game with an immense 18 out of 24 correct!



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