Tuesday, May 8, 2012

G Minus 2 And Counting

Having spent a frantic amount of time painting an entirely new army for Gaming & Guinness VI last year, I've been extremely slack in the run up to G&G VII, which effectively kicks off Wednesday night. I haven't added a single model to my Valhallans, Pete is taking care of the hosting duties, Island Mike and Rob are taking care of the swag, and Scott is providing the scenery for this year's Apocalypse 40K battle. I've procured and painted a Battletech boxed set and set up the needed sheets, and will help Pete with a bit of prep Wednesday afternoon, but compared to past years my yoke is light.

Still, when I started assembling the assorted models, games, dice, and Rock Band equipment, it makes for a daunting amount of cargo:


I'm very much looking forward to this convocation of friends, this opportunity to do as much nothing as possible and to revel in it, to share some laughs, and to recreate the shinier moments of our younger years.


And, yes, there will no doubt be some beers involved as well...


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  1. I give your beer/cider selection a 10/10. Perfect.