Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Which Corb Lund Presents Me with Lumber

Some time ago  I posted a review of Edmonton alt-country artist Corb Lund's latest album Cabin Fever. I posted a link to the review in the comments section of his website, and my good friend Earl put the link out on Twitter as well. The post ended up getting over 300 views, which is pretty good for a blog with a regular readership well into the ten, and even garnered a comment from a fan in Australia.

Part of the reason for my cross posting to was the opportunity to enter the "Spread the Fever" contest, and I also entered a vacation photo, and a couple of weeks back, I got an email saying I'd won! The prize pack came in the mail yesterday, and I got to open it last night.

As weird as a semi-random chunk of wood might be, it is also one of the best parts of the ensemble; details to follow.

The complete discography, all autographed, and including the concert DVD from the Edmonton Coliseum.

The album t-shirt, classic and succinct in basic black.
The autographed 8x10 glossy.

And the comprehensive explanation about the wood. The short version, for those of you attempting to read this on your telephones, is that it was carved off a leftover log from the titular cabin of "Cabin Fever", a cabin intended for Corb and his girlfriend, and built by him and his uncle. His uncle passed away due to a cancer a couple years after the cabin was finished, and the girlfriend has moved on as well, which is probably just a bit more country-style than even a musician working in that genre might want.

The log was cut by Corb, signed by Corb, shot by Corb with a pump-action .22 (for character, one imagines, or possibly just 'cause), branded by Corb with a three generations old branding iron, and a staple driven in the top with a pair of 'lucky fencing pliers'.

As memorabilia, it really is hard to beat, and the temptation to put it all into some sort of unified display or a shadow box is compelling, but I worry it might end up coming off a little...I dunno, shrine-ish? I mean, you are only a couple of candles off at that point, really.

Funniest of all was as I unpacked the piece of log from its envelope, explaining how excited I was to get it, Glory asked me, "But Daddy, why does he give you wood?"


A quick check of my wife's expression in the third base coach's box quickly apprises me that I would be well served not following through on my initial response selection, which appeared, Terminator-like, before my eyes in a stark futuristic typeface:


He doesn't! Well, I mean, he does, but only literally. Wait... honey, help me out here...

He's a fine lookin' man, that Corb Lund.

That's pretty personal, don't you think?

Ask your health teacher.

I'll be in my bunk.

Because I won a contest, now eat your cereal so you aren't late for school.

Of course I opted for the last (safest) response, then nearly undid myself when I mentioned telling someone at work the story, and Glory piped up with, "I don't get it, why is giving someone wood funny?"

I suppose the possibility exists of her reading this post years from now, and going "Oh," in a moment of regretful satori, and if that happens, darling, I am sorry, but it was pretty funny, and I had to share it.


  1. SO FRIGGING COOL Steve! Insanely jealous. I can't wait to see it - candles and all. :)