Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Beer 10: Kirsch Porter

Management of expectations is important; just as you would want to approach an unfamiliar style of beer with an open mind, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that one of your favourites might fall short of where you anticipated. Such is the case with the Kirsch Porter I tried tonight.

Kirsch is a type of cherry liqueur, while a porter is one of my favourite dark ale types. I am also fond of flavoured porters, like Phillip's Chocolate Porter or the seasonal Cherry Porter put out by Wildrose. The Kirsch Porter was just too sweet, even for me. Similar to last night's S'honig, it tastes more like a beer cocktail than a beer proper, and obviously I am not saying that as a purist.

My pidgin German parses the label's tag line of "das fruchtige schwarze" as 'the black fruit', but in this case 'beer candy' might be more appropriate. This is not to say it is wholly unpleasant, but as a dessert beer, I I would be far more inclined to drink Alley Kat's Neapolitan ice cream stout.

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