Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent Beer 11: Ugly Duck Hopfest IPA (+ Dave's DIY!)

After the oversweet offerings of the last couple days, this brisk India Pale Ale from Denmark was just the palate cleanser the doctor order: crisp, citrusy, tons of hop flavour without so much bitterness that you want to die. A great example of a proper IPA, unlike the Canadian east coast offering so rudely mislabeled.

Also, we can now look at the next five of Dave's hand crafted and artisanally wrapped beer advent calendar:

I'm still largely keeping up to this point, having sampled three of these: the two from Sherbrooke's Beer gods series, and Pumphouse Cadian Cream Ale. I fully expect to try Darn Tartan, a scotch ale which I think was formerly known as Kilt Twister, until it turned out someone else was already using that name for a beer.

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