Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent Beer 23: Chimera

The penultimate beer, my second from Italy's Birrifico del Ducato, is no less delightful for having been sampled under trying circumstances: jostled about in a car all day, opened by improvisational means, served in a plastic motel cup, etc. It probAbly has the best presentation of all the advent beers so far, with its stubby, almost wine shaped bottle and gorgeously illustrated label.

The beer itself is described as a doppo malto which I can only assume to mean double malt. At 8% abv, there is almost no discernible bitterness, making this Chimera almost more akin to a barleywine than proper beer, but it has a gorgeous reddish brown colour, and a foamy head I can only describe as luxurious. Delicate and complicated, even my palate could discern fruit, nuts and maybe a bit of caramel. This makes it both a seasonally appropriate beverage for Christmas Eve Eve, and after 10 hours in a car, it was also the perfect way to end the day. Looking forward to tomorrow's final selection!

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