Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Beer 5: Golser Weissbier

Today's offering is a German Weissbier, or wheat beer. Generally speaking, I like wheat beers, from Big Rock's Grasshopper to Granville Island's Hefeweizen, and even the occasional Hoegaarden, if I want to tart things up with a little coriander and such.


Golser's Weissbier has no such additives or additional flavours; look at how simple the ingredient listing is. It is a cloudy, smooth, somewhat tart wheat ale, which did a wonderful job of washing down this evening's shepherd's pie. To be quite honest, the 'premium wheat' and 'fine yeast' is probably wasted on me, but it's still a better use for wheat than baking it into a loaf of something or other.

More importantly though, I can now reveal the first five selections from the DIY Advent Beer Calendar Shari put together for Dave.

I've had the middle three of these, and can say without reservation or fear of contradiction that the Winter Treacle Porter from Innis &Gunn is MAGnificent. I will also put Alley Kat's Three Bears Oatmeal Stout up against any other competitors in that style, including the medal winner from St. Ambroise in Quebec. I have yet to try the Autumn Wheat Lager, but one is chilling in the fridge, waiting for an opportune moment, preferably on a weekend.

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