Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Beer 6: Mac Queen's Nessie

I'm not sure where the name Mac Queen comes into this particular brew, being as it is brewed in Austria. Nessie is described on the label as a "whisky malt red beer", and since I like all those things individually, it is hardly surprising I like them together in Nessie. Perhaps Mac Queen is the name of the particular highland whiskey malts they used in brewing it, who knows?


It doesn't have a strong scotch flavour the way a barrel aged beer like Innis & Gun or Glen Sherbrooke does, and the abv is a more moderate 5%, but you can definitely discern the relationship. Something in the scent of the malts maybe, or the smoothness of the mouthfeel? I don't know if i would characterize the aftertaste as 'smoky' the way the label does, but it definitely puts me in mind to drink it next to a fireplace. Nessie tastes more like a beer meant to accompany or follow a glass of scotch, as opposed to replacing it.


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