Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bachelor Survival

In junior high, there was a home economics-type class for the lads called 'Bachelor Survival', wherein they attempted to pass on the basics of cooking and mending to fellows in their early teens.
Last week I got to experience a bit of Bachelor Survival again, since Audrey and the girls headed down to High River to help clean up after their basement got flooded out. This left Nitti, Dude and myself to our own devices.
The quiet evenings were a bit offputting, but a nice change in some ways, but cooking for one is something I haven't done in a while. Thankfully there were enough leftovers to assemble that I didn't need to deploy any frozen pizzas or ramen. I fact, the remainder of a cheddar sauce, some leftover steak and dry pasta shells made for a splendid repast Thursday night, and covered Friday's lunch to boot. The fact that I take any measure of pride in this is laughable, but the dual leftover finishing move is like the household version of clearing a Tetris.
Nitti has always been easy going, although he gets a bit neurotic when left on his own, which meant he needed to sleep in Audrey's spot most nights. Dude is laid back but completely disinterested in eating the now dessicated crickets littering his enclosure, which leaves me to provide him with his preferred dish of nutritious, delicious wax worms.

Take time to chew, boy, you'll enjoy it more.
Being cold-blooded, each meal requires him to spend a certain amount of time afterwards pressing his belly against an electronically heated rock in order to digest it. Certainly nothing we ever covered in Bachelor Survival, but we all made it through the week, at any rate.

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