Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pub Nuptials

Back on Family Day, my sister got married again. Audrey stood up with Tara, and Jerry's son Jason was his best man, which in thought was all kinds of awesome. It also did a great job of keeping his bachelor party in-bounds, which I believe resulted in all of them going go-karting, which is also quite cool.


It's a darned good looking crew, I think you will agree, and Tara gave Audrey special kudos for not looking like her feet are freezing, despite wearing open-toed shoes in the snow.


It was a fairly small wedding as such things go, and they had considered having the ceremony in their home. With a dinner to be served afterwards, however, it became far more practical to have the ceremony and reception at the same place: Murphy's Irish Pub in Leduc.


Our own Rev. James conducted the service, which was wonderful in its acknowledgment of a new beginning and new family and inclusion of Jason in his address. It turns out this wasn't even his first pub wedding, which I thought was delightful. His husband Glen sang 'Night & Day' while all the signing took place after the vows were concluded, and I got to do the scripture reading which, for once, was not the wedding at Cana!


While I have to say I am always skeptical of an Irish pub that doesn't have Guinness on tap, they did have Guinness, and the hospitality was first rate, as was the meal (and amenities!) they provided.


Most importantly, it was wonderful to have family around; Mum flew in from Osoyoos, and Audrey's sister Betty drove in all the way from Rocky Mountain House with her husband Hank and daughter Kara-Lynn just to 'crash the reception'.


(To make things even stranger, and to illustrate that whole 'Small World' theorem in detail, Hank's cousin Mike is actually married to Jerry's sister, adding a whole other layer of relation to the affair.)


At any rate, when your family swells to include a couple of great gents like Jerry and Jason, the most appropriate emotions are those of gratitude, which we certainly have, and of hope for a long and beautiful future together for all three of them, which we certainly do!


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