Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ode to a Grade 10 Honor Student

I hope I'm a ways off before I sing "My Way"

Marking these milestones along life's highway

Watching your life turn another page

As you confidently cross the stage

The principal's hand there for you to shake

And I know you're smiling just for our sake

To you getting honors is no big deal

But to Mum and I though, the pride is real

Like you, I liked being bookish and smart

But at your age I'd not yet learned to work hard

Never think having brains on their own is enough

Or you'll face an awakening sudden and rough

Insight and gumption like you have to spare

Can take you practically anywhere

Showing curiosity and passion

May, at times, seem out of fashion

But don't fret too much about who is hiring

Seek out those who are likewise inquiring

Keep your courage and curiosity

To best maintain your vibrant velocity

Though you won't give it a second look

That paper is surely now in Mum's scrapbook

And I suppose you'll blush at this polemic

But your folks never got honors academic!

For a mind that's sharp and a heart that's true

These are the reasons we're proud of you.