Wednesday, May 27, 2015

G&G X: Batcan Unmasked

Most of the crew who worked on construction of our new basement relief station did so in anticipation of increased comfort and convenience at Gaming & Guinness X; it seems wholly appropriate then that all but one of them didn't actually see it in its finished state until G&G itself.


Jeff dropped off the majority of the beer Tuesday night, and got a good chuckle out of it; most of the rest of the G&Gang saw it on Wednesday evening, save Totty. Waylaid by a shifting work deadline, he didn't get a chance to check it out until Thursday evening.


I had sent out a picture showing the paint and ceiling tiles in place, a.k.a. the 'grown up' bathroom in order to assure them that it was in fact structurally complete and operational:


G&G, however, represented their first opportunity to see what an affectation for bat-shaped iconography and access to a tremendous assortment of stickers would do, once I dropped the leash on my inner 14 year old:

(Fenya kindly made the curtains out of my old Batman pyjama pants (also made by her!); the mask on the wall references Scott Snyder's popular and macabre 'Court of Owls' storyline.)

(Glory decorated the can of air freshener with some cartoon-themed duct tape; the t.p. came from Happy Harbor Comics.)

(That bat-logo measures 40" across and doubles as a dry erase board. I left the pen off because what the heck sort of messages are you going to leave for others in a household bathroom? "Don't forget to wash your hands!"? Or perhaps the immortal poetry that begins with the words, " Here I sit, broken hearted..."?


Regardless, everyone was glad to have an extra commode on hand over the weekend, and the response to the theme thus far has been universal acceptance.

I know it can't last; I realize that at some point a casual acquaintance is going to roll their eyes, or look at Audrey and ask how she puts up with this sort of nonsense; I'm looking forward to seeing their expression when she confesses that the Bat-theme was her idea!


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