Friday, May 15, 2015

On the Road Again

Well, we still don't know whose fault the insurers are going to call it, but Audrey's preeminent fear of being left to the mercies of Edmonton Transit during G&G next week while we sort out a replacement vehicle has been averted: we picked up her new Corolla this morning. And for only the second time in my life and the first in hers, it is actually factually new, not just new to us.


It began with a call last week, inviting us to the private sale at Gateway Toyota. I explained that we might need to talk to them later, but our current Toyota had just been involved in an accident. The gentleman was very sympathetic and gave his name in case we needed any info.


When they wrote off our '09, I called Rohan and he was only too happy to help with some info regarding the possible replacement value of our wreck, so I arranged to meet with him Wednesday night and look at the new models since the Red Tag Days were in full force, and he agreed to ask about having some of the private sale conditions held over for me.

Rohan turned out to be a very easygoing fellow with an earnest manner and winning smile. Sure, he has all the smoothness one would expect from a successful car salesman, but his confidence came without swagger and his warmth when we talked about our families felt genuine. When I mentioned my apprehension about auto purchasing, he was very understanding, and when I expressed any concern about features or pricing, he went to great lengths to ensure I was comfortable.

That comfort was a big reason we went back to Gateway today. I don't want to sound like a shill, but the whole experience was as pleasant as one could expect spending thousands of dollars to be. Even the finance rep, Kameel, was easy to deal with, which hasn't always been my experience. I also respect the fact that they are closed Sundays; a lot of organizations talk a good game about work life balance, but closing an auto dealership on Sundays and holidays is pretty rare in these parts, and is respectable.


As to the 2015 Corolla, we are apparently the first people to drive off their lot with the new colour of "4evergreen mica", or, as I like to call it, 'a nice green'.

There are more changes than you might expect; with a new car and promotional interest, we were comfortable financing over a slightly longer period, and were able to go one model up from last time. This brought heated seats, a touchscreen display and backup camera into play, some of which Audrey finds a bit intimidating. In fact, Dan, the dealership manager might have sensed it, and was ready to invite her to an orientation session until Rohan said,"They've got two teenaged daughters."

"You'll be fine," said Dan.


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