Saturday, May 16, 2015

Serenity Gulch: Hotel Excelsior

Yessir, the Hotel Excelsior is the pre-eminent place to stay here in the booming little town of Serenity Gulch! Sure, they got rooms over at the Emporium, but, well, to be frank, we cater to a slightly more so-phisticated clientele.

The Excelsior has the best facade in the county, if you don't mind my saying so. My old daddy used to say, 'son, you got but one chance to make a first impression'. That's why we stripped off all the original paint when it started peeling right after our first good rain in seven months. Got a crew coming in from Carson City with new linseed oil paints next week, gonna dress this girl up fine.

My concierge done got himself stabbed in a romantic altercation a week back, but there is usually someone at the desk, and always in earshot of the bell. There are two rooms on the ground floor, which has been a blessing for our guests afflicted with any sort of infirmity what impedes their mobility. My cousin's husband has the gout; can't manage the stairs.

The upstairs bannister is brand new; freshly turned spindles to replace the ones that got busted up when a vociferous supporter of the Confederacy found himself escorted to the lobby suddenly and without due preparation, as it were. 'Safety first' is our motto here at the Excelsior, yes sir.

The real plum of the place, if I may say so, is the Gubernatorial Suite, a spacious and generously appointed room with its own private balcony overlooking Main Street. Now, the territorial governor has yet to actually stay here as of yet, but it is my understanding that he is aware of our standing invitation, and is merely awaiting the appropriate window in his schedule.

What's that? Oh, I'm sure that to the untrained eye that looks very similar to a bullet hole, but I assure you, that is merely an imperfection in the glass, which we are having sorted out with our suppliers back East.

I had hoped to bring some figures and paints along on our annual trip to Rundle's Mission, but there was just no space to be had. Audrey suggested bringing the buildings, which ship flat when unassembled, and can go in space left in the food bin for the trip back.

Glory and I found ourselves at loose ends last night, and so we got stuck into constructing a surprisingly complex little building. It took the two of us to get the staircase figured out, and I had no idea that the left over pieces made up the front desk until I checked the website just before going to bed late last night.
Even without paint, the Hotel Excelsior is a grand edifice, and another two-story building will really help bring Serenity Gulch into its own!

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  1. That looks fantastic! I've got to get something like that for Malifaux