Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Serenity Gulch: Special D-Livery

Cole approached the stable warily. The sign by the window said "boy wanted", but there was no one about, man nor boy.


Dismounting, he paced down the boardwalk, peering inside the office window as he did, still spying no one.


At the back door, no one answered his shout, and the rear door was ajar. He cocked the hammer on his Navy Dragoon and slowly entered the livery.

Even in the dim light, it became apparent that Cole was alone, with not even a horse in the stalls. Spotting a ladder hanging on the wall, he glanced upwards, into the hayloft.

The hayloft, bright and airy due to its many windows, concealed no one either.


Cole walked the length of the loft, opening the small door used for winching hay into this upper level and making sure no one was approaching the building covertly, before making his way back down the ladder.

"Looks like it's just you and me, Samson," Cole murmured as he led his steed into the stables.

This particular bit of scenery was a generous gift from Jim K. moving to Alberta from Minnesota next month. 4Ground makes a damned decent bit of pre-painted,laser cut plywood, it must be said, with the pieces fitting together with a precision to put most plastic models to shame.

Having said that though, the instructions left quite a bit to be desired, and coupled with my impatience, resulted in some rather serious departures from what the finished product should have looked like. And the fact that the whole thing is a bit bass-awkward and a bit insidey-out should not be held against the engineering of the model itself! True to their word though, no paint was required, only white glue.

Cutting the tiny posters and handbills for individual application was a bit tedious, but looks miles better than a single piece with some artificial insets. The working doors, exquisitely detailed windows and detachable roofs result in a large and brilliant looking building, with good accessibility and tremendous potential for dramatic gunfights. Thanks tons, Jim!


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