Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Peach of a Beer - Stanley Park Sunsetter

Glory came home from camp yesterday (with a cold), and today we found out my sister-in-law and nephew were going to be in town sorting out some business at the University of Alberta. I was already planking some sockeye fillets and there was more than enough for six, but not nearly enough beer.

In the course of stepping out for reserve salmon and spare propane (just in case), I came across Stanley Park Brewing's Sunsetter, advertised as a summer wheat ale, and thought I would give it a shot.

Wheat ales are a great, light, summer session beer, and Sunsetter is no exception. It is unfiltered, giving it a cloudy, hazy, but not displeasing aspect, and holding it up to the light brings to mind a celestial halo.

The beer itself starts out with a fairly decent head for a wheat beer, with sweet citrus scents due to the Citra hops used. In fact, it is so pleasant that Audrey even took a sip, despite my warnings that it is, in fact, still very much a beer.

A pleasant mouthfeel that argues eloquently for a second or third swallow before returning the glass to the table, the light wheat ale carries the added element of peach, but not an overpowering amount of it. Just as the peach might be overstaying its welcome, the crispness of the hops cleanse the palate in time for another bite of salmon, or perhaps another sip of beer.

It paired wonderfully with the salmon (glazed with brown sugar, stoneground mustard and Grand Marnier), but alas I was the only beer drinker at the table, with Betty and Audrey opting for cider instead. The bottle recommends serving it with grilled pork tenderloin and peaches, which I think I would like to try, but as an accompaniment to a meal, this peach wheat ale opens a lot of doors.

If you are one of those who prefers beer and fruit to keep a respectful distance from each other, I don't think Sunsetter will change your mind, but for the rest of us, it is nice to have another fruity beer for beautiful summer days like this.


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