Monday, September 7, 2015

Just for Kicks

When Glory was onstage at Heritage Days and cavorting about with the high-legged kicks that typifies Irish dance, my friend Jeff observed, "They could really give the tae kwon do guys a run for their money, couldn't they?"

It's true, the kicks are high and hard enough to be dangerous; she has even managed to kick herself in the chest region hard enough to raise a bruise.

About a week later, we had finished dinner outside, and I was lingering at the table when Glory prompted me to come inside. In jest, I said I would if she could kick the artificial wasp's nest we have hanging from the garage.

I'm unsure of the effectiveness of this device, but $3 seems like a reasonable gamble to prevent a colony of carnivorous stinging insects from taking up residence in the immediate area, and thus far, none have. I can't be entirely sure of how high it is off the ground, but it is at least 7" over the top of my head, albeit it at an angle. Mostly I just wanted to see how close she might get, and hoped she wouldn't fall on her bottom in the process.

Turns out those legs give her a tremendous striking range, so it is probably only a matter of time before I get her to kick an empty soda can off my head as a party trick.

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