Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Advent Beer 23: Old Yonder Star

The label calls this a 'Yorkshire Style Holiday Ale', while Beer Advocate refers to it as a 'Winter Warmer', and Sound Brewery's own website calls it a 'Northern English Brown'. I've had two of these styles and enjoyed them both, so statistically speaking, I stand a good chance of liking this beer.


Old Yonder Star pours a deep rich reddish brown, with a moderate amount of off-white head. There are scents of sharp yeast but also apple and perhaps clove-like spices.


There is a surprising amount of chocolate resent up front, but then the apple and a bit of pear come through. The beer ends on a literal sour note, with an astringent finish I don't normally associate with brown ales. I guess it could have something to do with the But hey, who knows how they do things in Yorkshire?


All in all a pleasant enough after-dinner treat, but there are a number of high-test and spicey beers I would turn to before this one. This is a brewery I wouldn't mind trying more beers from however, given their adventurous nature.


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