Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Advent Beer 4: 1815 XXXX Peacemaker

This one, from Strathroy Brewing in Ontario, poured out quite a bit darker than I expected from a traditional ale. Very little head, which dissipated quickly, and not much for the nose to do, sadly. Not unpleasant or musty, just very little beyond a trace of malts and some alcohol.


Overall, 1815 XXXX Peacemaker was a little disappointing, given both the audacity of the name and the standard I have come to expect from this calendar. A thin mouthfeel, not much in the way of body, an adequately malty flavour which gets pushed aside by the 6% alcohol, and kind of a tinny aftertaste. Not an awful beer by any stretch, but certainly nothing special. I found myself craving a Big Rock Traditional Ale afterwards to sort of calibrate my palate, but the reviews at seem to back up my impressions, although there are a few fans.

Full marks for the striking label, although it did make reading the ABV nearly impossible. Hopefully we will have better luck with tomorrow's offering!


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