Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 Advent Beer 7: Into the Shade Unfiltered Saison

The saison is a style originating as a farmhouse ale, brewed in French-speaking Belgium during the less busy months and then stored for drinking in the summer. A worker was entitled to up to 5L per workday, which sounds debilitating, but remember that back in the day saisons were about 3.5% ABV, and not the 7% on average they are today.



Cameron's Into the Shade ranks right in the middle at 5.2%, and although I didn't labour extensively today, it has been a long one, so I at least share the frame of mind of our fieldhand forebears.


This version of Into the Shade is a limited edition unfiltered variation, so it ours a deep and hazy straw gold. It also handily wins the head category to date, with nearly an inch of crisp and crackling white foam dominating the top of the glass.


This effervescent crown gives traces of yeasty esters and mild citrus notes, with traces of a not-unpleasant mustiness.

Sadly, my thirst was such that this saison was not long for this world, but I can tell you it is a very pleasant beer indeed. Tremendously smooth, if a bit earthy, with tremendous flavour, and it even follows through a bit on the promised citrus, almost akin to a lemon bread.


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