Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Decade of Song

Another day, another milestone; this afternoon was Fenya's final concert performance with Cantilon Chamber Choir.

She joined the Primary Choir at age 5, progressing through the Children's Choir, then Chamber, taking a year off in 8th grade to explore other things. The Chamber Choir rehearses twice a week every week for two hours at a time, with additional sessions prior to special events and performances.

Some of the young ladies she sings with go on to pursue musically oriented careers, from operatic training, to musical theatre, to instruction, but Fenya's never felt that strong a pull towards solo performances, and her lack of interest in music theory keeps the teaching door closed to her.

Is it bad that a part of me is grateful she doesn't feel the allure of the stage? I know her voice is a tremendous gift, but I recognize the daunting combination of drive, talent, tenacity and just plain luck it takes to build a career in music. Had she chosen that path, though, what else could I do but back her up as best I could? Would we end up moving to Toronto, Vancouver or L.A., living in a van like Jewel and her mom? Who can say?

Singing will undoubtedly remain a part of her life, however; it brings her a lot of joy, and she realizes how much other people appreciate it. Her voice is a gift that she is only too willing to share, not out of ego gratification (although the sound of applause is always nice to hear), but as a form of gratitude.

Today's concert caps off ten eleven years of singing with Cantilon for Fenya, an experience that has been at times trying, but ultimately rewarding. It has given her experience, confidence, poise, and friends I am certain she will keep for a very long time. Passing this milestone brings a myriad and confusing pattern of mixed emotions for me; I can only imagine hers!

For my part, just being able to hear the amazing music coming from these young voices and knowing that she is a part of it is monumentally rewarding.

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