Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Advent Beer 14: Bersalis Sourblend

Having a beer while cooking is always a pleasure, so sipping on tonight's blond ale while working over a repurposed wok was a treat, if perhaps a bit distracting.

Bersalis Sourblend pours a cloudy gold-orange with a wispy white head, and exudes a pleasant tartness, backed by a tangy yeastiness.

Belgium's Oud Beersel brewery informs us via the label that this beer re-ferments in the bottle, and the first mouthful is tart without being astringent, with a sweetness born out of its 6% abv. The blond ale is hopped just enough that it balances out the sour and sweet elements nicely.

Bersalis Sourblend is not a beer for everyone, and even I, a fan of all things tart, do not appreciate every sour ale I have come across. I would gladly have a second bottle of this one if the opportunity arose, and think it would pair nicely with fish, seafood, or perhaps a pesto dish.

It even went well with the diagnostic samples I took of the jambalaya I am preparing for tomorrow's potluck!

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