Sunday, December 25, 2016

Advent Beer 24: December Flower

The final beer! Revealed only this afternoon after a trip to Rocky Mountain House which included a side-trek to the only mechanic open on Christmas Eve, and only to have the same sputtering symptoms recur on the return leg of the journey! Partaken of too late at night, in the strange time betwixt the end of the church service and the stuffing of stockings by parties unknown! Written about 2/3 of the way through the glass as the sweet nectar quenches a deep thirst both physically and spiritually (it's been a mad season, let's talk about it over a beer some time...).

It is a high test Belgian called December Flower from the White Pony brewery, and is approaching barleywine territory at 11.8%.

It pours a clear copper colour with almost no head to speak of, and aromas of yeast, spice and crisp fruit, perhaps apples or pears.

December Flower is a fragrant and spicy mouthful, well suited as a winter warmer. It is heavily hopped as a balance against both the malts and the alcohol sweetness, and succeeds handily, in my estimation.

Another beer ill paired with foods, but a delightful fireside beer, perhaps shared with a friend over a strong cheese like Cambozola or a sharp aged cheddar.

This year's Advent calendar has had an extraordinary assortment of beers that have been both tasty and intriguing; a delight to discover and a joy to imbibe. Another great job by Calgary's Craft Beer Import!

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