Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 23: DuClaw's Sweet Baby Java

After a sumptuous turkey dinner, there wasn't much room for today's decidedly desserty beer, and there is still sticky toffee cake yet to come! But I am committed to my course, and have made the effort.

Last year's Sweet Baby Jesus was one of my faves, and this year we get the sequel: Sweet Baby Java - a peanut butter chocolate espresso stout. Now, I like all those things, but how will they work together in a beer?

Pretty darned well, it turns out!

The peanut butter and coffee can be smelled even before the glass is filled with blackety black stout topped with coffee-coloured head.

The coffee is he most assertive flavour, with the chocolate and peanut butter in close pursuit. It's a little sweet, but the bitter nuttiness balances it out pretty well.  A great way to round out a meal as well as a family gathering.

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